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        Learning Center

        Gemstone Testing and Identification

        All about how to identify gemstones using a number of methods.
        Identifying Opal Patterns

        Opal connoisseurs all have their favorite opal patterns. Learn how to identify the patterns of these beautiful gems with plenty of photo and video…

        Eight Opal Types Explained

        Opal is a complicated gemstone, and many factors affect its price. Learn how to distinguish these eight opal types and how they differ in value.…

        Identifying Synthetic Diamonds

        Although making gem-quality synthetic diamonds still costs more than mining natural stones, some lab methods can yield gem-grade materials.…

        Identifying Synthetic Gems

        Distinguishing between natural and synthetic gems is a critical skill for gemologists. Learn about gem making processes and the telltale signs…

        Gemstone Examination Lesson

        Learning how to conduct a gemstone examination takes practice. Follow an expert gemologist step-by-step through tests of five unknown samples.…

        Destructive Gemstone Testing

        Destructive gemstone testing, done carefully, can help gemologists with difficult gem identifications. Learn the right techniques with our…