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        Learning Center

        Jewelry Styles and Inspiration

        Trends and styles of gemstone jewelry with many examples to be inspired by.
        Rubellite Tourmaline Buying Guide

        Like all tourmaline gemstones, rubellite wears well in almost any type of jewelry. This stone’s raspberry-like color draws a great deal of attention.…

        Should I Buy a Diamond Online?

        Do you want to buy a diamond for an engagement ring? Don’t. Still want to buy a diamond? OK. Here are the pros and cons of buying a diamond online.

        Raw Stone Jewelry Design and Care

        There’s no denying the raw stone jewelry trend. Read this article for tips on incorporating raw stones into your jewelry design and for cleaning…

        Turkish Purple Jade Jewelry

        What is Turkish purple jade? Learn about the qualities of this rare, beautiful, and versatile gemstone and see it transformed from rock to finished…

        Gems in Cufflinks

        Wearing gems in cufflinks is a great way to add personality and style to an otherwise standard tuxedo. Read about ways to incorporate gems in cufflinks.…

        Combining Stones in Jewelry

        Combining stones can be more than adding diamond accents to colored gemstone jewelry. Explore colored stone combos and learn how to set gems within…

        Jewelry Design

        Jewelry, is composed of precious metals and rare gems. Even in jewelry made for every day use, the components can quickly run into some serious money.…

        Weaved Bracelets of Trabzon

        First masters of weaving in Trabzon were Haci Mehmet from Dagistan and Ibrahim Horolu from Caucasian Turks which proves that this art comes from…