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        Learning Center

        Questions About Lapidary and Jewelry Making

        Advanced questions about jewelry making and lapidary techniques.
        Bangkok: City of Gemology Schools

        Bangkok is the center of the colored gem trade. Compare the top four Bangkok gemology schools and see why this city is the ideal place to learn about…

        Gemstone Orientation For Beginners

        Choosing the best gemstone orientation for your rough takes skill and experience. Learn what factors you should take into account before cutting.…

        Gold Refining Advice For Jewelers

        Before you turn the alloyed gold you got a great deal on into gold jewelry, carefully consider what gold refining system will work best for you.

        Faceting Tips For Exotic Gemstones

        Some gems are seldom faceted because they’re rarely found in nature or rarely used for jewelry. Learn a few tricks for faceting seven exotic gemstones.…

        Facet Designs For Beginners

        What are the best facet designs for novice gem cutters? Find recommendations for cutting styles, books, resources, and gemstone rough here.

        Why Choose a Barion Cut?

        Gem faceters must consider factors like brilliance, color, and faceting yield before choosing a cut style. Learn what a Barion cut can bring to…